Photography came into my life the way it does for a lot of people: as a deep intrinsic need to capture the people and places that I love. As a fifth-generation Montanan, the beauty and grit of this wild landscape and its people have always been deeply personal to me. All of my best memories are in Montana, and I want to make sure yours are too. 

Behind the lens

I don't do well sitting for long periods of time so if I'm not taking or editing pictures, you can find me:
- Riding my horses 
- Working cows 
- Pushing baby around town in stroller 
- Downhill skiing 
- Working on whatever various project I decide to try next! 

I love Montana so much I have a horse named after it.
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science! 
I love hiking, especially in the Pioneer Mountains.
I have a red-headed baby named Audrey.
I'm easily distracted by cows - I'm not kidding. 
My favorite board game is Rummikub.
My husband & I go to Braun Brothers Reunion every year.
I'm currently  getting my Master's Degree in Ag Education!

Grace's fun facts