western photography for the western way of life
I offer family, couple, & Individual portrait sessions 

All sessions include a private gallery with option to purchase professional prints/artwork
45 minute session - $300  

Portrait sessions


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ready to capture some one-of-a-kind memories?

Grace's photo style 

If you book a session with me, you can expect a large variety of images in your final gallery. I will make sure that you have a good balance of portrait vs. landscape images to choose from as well as lots of different facial expressions and body positions. I LOVE to capture candid images and will do a lot of movement/activity based prompts to get genuine smiles and laughter. If you are booking a couple or family session, I will prompt you for images that show the interaction/relationship between you and the people you love. 


i would describe my editing style as vibrant.
I love images that look natural and warm but still have that boldness that captivates your attention. i'm also a sucker for black and white and like to edit many images in black and white for that timeless look.

all my images, while you can see the resemblance, look unique. this is due to many different factors; time of year, time of day, lighting (Cloudy/sunny), clothing choices, location, etc and i love that!!