Gallop Smoothly Through Your Engagement

Engagement session
Montana Engagement Session

These tips will help you planning your engagement session from the weeks leading up to the session to the day of the session to make sure that your session goes as smoothly as possible!!

Let’s begin by discussing outfits since you will need to decide what you are going to wear at least a couple weeks before your session & if you need to go shopping you will have time to do so and find something you really like!!


  • COMFORT OVER ANYTHING – A lot of my prompts/poses will require movement so be sure that what you are wearing will be comfortable for you to move around in.
  • COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER – Select clothing that compliments the other person so try to find colors that are in the same color scheme. You do not need to match but finding similar tones helps make you look cohesive together. Additionally, try to match the level of dressiness or casualness in each others outfits.
  • TWO OUTFITS – Having an option of two outfits gives some variety to the images & more for you to choose from. Save your favorite outfit for last because that will be the best lighting & you will be the most comfortable in front of the camera.
  • COLORS & PATTERNS – Try to avoid colors that are similar with the background of where we will be shooting (i.e. greens/yellows). I want you guys to stick out in the images! Neutral colors are always a safe choice. Shades of browns, grays, and blacks are timeless. If you have a pop of color (which I LOVE) I recommend having one person wearing something more subtler. For prints or plaids, use the 3-to-1 rule. For every item of print/plaid clothing, try to balance that out with 3 items of solid colors.
  • ACCESSORIES, ACCENTS, & DETAILS – YES!! Jewelry, hats, belts, scarves, cardigans, vests, etc. can really help elevate your images. For accents, colors such a mustard, navy, teal, light pinks, are great options.

Tips for the ladies

  • Engagement session is a great time to do a trial run for your hair/make-up, just make sure that you give yourself plently of buffer time before your session
  • Try to get your engagement ring cleaned before your session. This is usually free and takes 10-15 minutes for a jeweler to do.
  • If you can treat yourself to getting your nails done for the engagement session, do it!! I will be taking lots of ring and hand shots throughout the session.
  • If all else fails with finding something you want to wear, flowy dresses are always flattering & provide movement throughout the session.
  • Changing your hair (down to up) during the season, is a fun and easy way to get another “look” during your engagement session.

Tips for the guys

  • Make sure to get a hair cut and trim/shave if need be. There will be close-ups & we want you to look sharp.
  • Remember to not have any logos on your clothes. They are distracting and will take away from the images.
  • Avoid anything too baggy.


  • PROPS – YES! Pets (dogs/horses) are MORE than welcome. We can include them in just a few images or in all of them if you want! Anything else that you guys can think of to represent you & your story (signs, favorite adult beverages, etc.)
  • SNACKS/WATER – If you don’t plan to eat a meal beforehand, then make sure to pack snacks. You can eat these on the way to the location or in between outfit changes.
  • MAKEUP/HAIRBRUSH/HAIRSPRAY/PONY TAIL – These are just nice to have in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.


  • TO HAVE FUN!! Even the most reluctant guys, usually tell me, that they had WAY more than than they were expecting.
  • These will not be staring at the camera and smiling. Of course, I’ll get one or two of these for you guys to have but most of the time you’ll be interacting with each other.
  • I will direct you guys & tell you what to do so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do. I’ll make sure to tell you where to place your hands as well if you’re not sure!
  • I promise to tell you if a pose looks awkward and if we should try something else. Some of the poses might feel awkward for you because you are not used to doing them, but they usually look STUNNING behind the camera. So try to trust the process!!

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