Surviving Your Cold Montana Photography Session

Western Cowgirl in Winter

I almost made the title of this blog “Surviving Your Winter Photography Session in Montana” but then I remembered that Fall & Spring can be just as chilly sometimes!!

While I know that the majority of us, do not like to be cold, the benefits/outcomes of toughing it out are usually worth it (at least when it comes to photography)! And I would argue for, winter sports, such as my favorite; skiing!

  • The images are CRISP. I love the look of the sharp backgrounds, especially the mountains & pine trees.

  • The lighting in the winter months is “softer” than in the middle of summer so it can make for beautiful skin tones & nice even lighting throughout your images.

  • Allows for a change in style/look. You can add layers & accessories and create a cozy comfy vibe.

  • Gives you something to do and look forward to in the winter. If you’re a busy body like me & like to be outdoors, the winter can become LONG but booking a session gives you something to plan & get excited about!!

  • If there’s SNOW, it gives you a chance for some more documentary style images & something fun to play with i.e. snowball fights, snow angles, etc.

5 Tips on HOW to survive (& enjoy yourselves)


Please use these!! I try to remember to bring extra hand warmers to my sessions and end up almost begging my clients to actually use them! Usually halfway through the shoot, they cave in & wish they would have used them all along… They are small enough to be hidden or tucked away in clothing so don’t worry about them being in the images (I can spot them & let you know if they are!). If you get toe warmers, I suggest placing them on both the bottom of your toes and on the top, you’ll thank me later!

2. Utilize Long-Underwear/Leggings

This goes for both ladies and the guys!! There are a ton of options for warm long-underwear or fleece lined leggings that are slim & can be used to go under your jeans/pants or under your dresses if you are wanting to wear a dress.

3. More Make-up & Foundation

Focus more on your skin make-up during these colder sessions. If you’re fair skinned & get cold easily, like me, you’ll likely end up with the pesky red-nose and it’ll show in your images. So be sure to add more foundation than normal to your skin to help. This goes for the guys too! If you’re guy will let you, give him a touch of foundation as well!

4. Dress in Layers

This may seem obvious but it is still worth noting. Like I mentioned earlier, sessions in the cold, allow for the use of layers and accessories which add dimension, color, and interest to the photos!! So don’t be afraid of busting out ALL your layers (hats, scarves, gloves, vests, long coats, etc). We can always take them off or change them throughout the session.

5. Hot Chocolate/Warm Drink

Bring a thermos of your favorite warm drink!! Maybe this is just plain hot chocolate or maybe it’s a warm alcoholic beverage! Whatever it is, you can drink it throughout the session & afterwards to warm you back up!

Dog, Horse, and Cowgirl

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