Winter Engagement Session – Dillon, MT

Winter Engagement

Hayley and Lance braved the cold with me on a December evening to capture their engagement photos. We had a absolute blast trying to stay warm & keeping the engagement session interesting so they wouldn’t think about the cold! These were the images from the second part of the engagement session.

Hayley was hoping for snow, which I would have thought would be no problem in December because of the amount of moisture we received last year but that didn’t happen. So instead we opted for sagebrush & mountains in the background.

On this evening, it was trying to storm so the sun was behind the clouds throughout most of the session but peaked out for a couple split seconds… Those images are my favorite of the whole session!! The clouds towards the end of the session had a pink tint to them which added to the images as well.

Hayley & Lance enjoyed an evening just for the two of them (since they have a little baby boy together that grandma was watching). Hayley & Lance are hoping that he’ll be walking for their wedding in July & so am I!

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